stok surat abis (utilize your cell phone II)

ever felt like ‘stok surat abis’ when play the role as Imam ?  well i did, lol 🙂

just realize that i just only recite few of the same verse over-and-over-and-over-again through all the raka’at

feel bit weird (read: ashamed), that my little kid recite more fluent other verses than i am

let’s go back to square one, from Al Insan (man) to An Nas (mankind), recite by Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, the Imam of the Grand Mosque

ripped mp3, ID3 tagged properly (hopefully), small bitrate (128kbps),
small enough to fill your iPod or cellphone, here


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utilize your mobile phone

assalamualaikum  fellow jedi

been a while since the last post, so what to write in this good month?

maybe to share this nice application for you phone, the azan times for mobile phones

it’s a java based apps, if you own a Nokia (with the S60 engine) it will runs okay,
or see the full list of compatible phones here

it’s pretty accurate (if you set the parameters right). below showing the jakarta time:

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21st century hightech answers for a centuries of ritual

A German guy behind the Jamarat

andrew johansson

Premiere on Discovery Channel, last night (16 dec 2007)

Discovery Channel – Revealed : the Hajj

the answers of a curiousity from last year
wireless communication,
digital integrated CCTV networks, airplane every 2minutes, crowd dynamics, logistic infrastructures, mega structures, counter terrorism, emergency medical unit etc

Missed it? just watch the re-run (WIB schedule here) .
Ignoring DSC’s copyrights, here’s a snip on Youtube:

(or direct link here)

And the torrent juice for the full mpg documentary, here : link

Links & pictures


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15 minutes = Rp 25million


siapa bilang cari duit susah?

look at these guys,
only working for 14minutes and 32seconds, got paid a total cash prize of Rp 25million… nice! and it’s not even 8am yet!

He already gave us a perfect tools to have a wealthy life in this world

our legs, arms, brain, the whole body and soul, so what more can you ask?

so stop whining! get off the bed and start to move, just do it!

ain’t life a grand?

so what’s the prize for me?

..alhamdulillah… to be able to breath the 6am sunday-morning air of Jakarta, to run and hang out with beloved friends

…. that’s the precious price for me

see you in the next 5K ! (btw…rokok gua mana..? balikin woy!)


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see ‘sick’ from the other side


Bersyukurlah buat yg sedang sakit (atau yg masih bisa merasakan sakit) hari ini

Artinya, Anda masih hidup, karena hanya orang hidup yg bisa merasakan sakit

Be grateful when you got sick

Why? Got sick, means you are still alive. Because only a living-being can experience sickness

Langkah selanjutnya adalah : Anda harus berusaha agar cepat sembuh
(agar anda tetap hidup dan bisa merasakan sakit lagi di kemudian hari, dan semakin menghargai hidup)

Next step is : how to get well soon (?)

(so you can be alive again and then experience sickness again in the future, and then you will value and appreciate life more)

Semoga sehat selalu, dan selalu mendapat berkah dan rahmat-Nya

Good health to you, always,
and may HE always bless HIS barakah & rahmat to us all (wa-rahmatullahi-wa-barakatuh)

yes, you bleed just to know you’re alive… (Iris – Googoo Dols)

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a < x < b (between point A and B)


Finally I decided to write this down

By no means of being the righteous or anything, as only human, please correct me if i wrote something wrong

Long posting (read it carefully)

Few months back, I conducted a verbal survey with:

  • 20 correspondents
  • 19 are Moslem from birth, age all above 30, all have a steady income
  • 3 are not married yet, 4 female, 16 male
  • 2 already taken the journey

all are my friends, survey over a friendly verbal conversations.
I asked them one direct question:

  • When will you take the  journey (again)?”

18 of them quickly responded with these answers :

  • “when i’m ready, maybe..”
  • “i don’t know…”
  • “when i’m (spiritually) ready, maybe…”
  • “when i have enough money…maybe”
  • “maybe when i’m XX…” (stating a number of a certain age)
  • “maybe after i got married..”
  • “maybe in about xx years from now…” (stating a certain number of year)
  • “after my kid is xx years old..maybe” (stating a certain age)
  • and other similiar maybe-answers

in my opinion, YOU SHOULD AVOID AND OMIT that “maybe” kind of answers..

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coincidence is for stupid people

from raul’s flickr

this will be a short controversial post 

in my opinion… the term ‘coincidence‘ is for people who do not think (aka. stupid ignorance)

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