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a < x < b (between point A and B)


Finally I decided to write this down

By no means of being the righteous or anything, as only human, please correct me if i wrote something wrong

Long posting (read it carefully)

Few months back, I conducted a verbal survey with:

  • 20 correspondents
  • 19 are Moslem from birth, age all above 30, all have a steady income
  • 3 are not married yet, 4 female, 16 male
  • 2 already taken the journey

all are my friends, survey over a friendly verbal conversations.
I asked them one direct question:

  • When will you take theĀ  journey (again)?”

18 of them quickly responded with these answers :

  • “when i’m ready, maybe..”
  • “i don’t know…”
  • “when i’m (spiritually) ready, maybe…”
  • “when i have enough money…maybe”
  • “maybe when i’m XX…” (stating a number of a certain age)
  • “maybe after i got married..”
  • “maybe in about xx years from now…” (stating a certain number of year)
  • “after my kid is xx years old..maybe” (stating a certain age)
  • and other similiar maybe-answers

in my opinion, YOU SHOULD AVOID AND OMIT that “maybe” kind of answers..

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