what would you ask, if you had just one question


if God had a name, what would it be?
and would you call it to His face?
if you were faced with Him in all His glory,
what would you ask if you had just one question?

and yeah God is great, yeah God is good

what if God was one of us?
just a slob like one of us
just a stranger on the bus

if God had a face what would it look like?
and would you want to see?
if seeing meant that you would have to believe
in things like heaven and the saints and all the prophets

(tunes by Joan Osbourne, One of Us, 1995)

Joan Osbourne, One Of Us, 1995


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zero, 5…55? 66? 72?

Bintang Dewantara, 2002 – 2007

  • 8 may 2002 – 15 march 2007, nearly 5,
    bintang dewantara, beloved son of my cousin
  • 14 march 2007 – 14 march 2007, zero,
    siti nurjannah, beloved daughter of Masuri (one of NRD‘s big family)
  • 03 nov 1932 – 10 march 2007,
    beloved parent of Nur Kristanto (one of NRD’s big family)
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tidak ada istilah “terimakasih”

tidak ada istilah “terimakasih” / no terms for “thank you”

jumat kemaren ada yg mampir, setelah 20+ tahun gak ketemu
sekarang dia kerja di bidang ‘linguistik’ (jadi urusan bahasa emang maenannya)

this is fun, last friday, i met someone (that i haven’t met since 20+ years ago). now he works in a field of ‘linguistics’ (so language IS his playground)

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find your sweet spot first, then explore

admit it, at least you (will) have a question of your own such as “..really?” about the following :

13th Warrior - Antonio Banderas as Ahmad Ibnu Fadlan Antonio Banderas as Ahmad Ibn Fadlan

who is this Ahmad Ibn Fadlan?

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good health to you, always…ameen

hard habit to break

sometimes we forgot to cherish the most precious things in life…health

old proverb says ‘health is everything…’

it went into our left ear and  straight out to the other end..whoosh..
without making a stop in our mind

rewind back a bit, there must be a time when you in these two situations: Continue reading

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photography & architecture

if you ‘re into photography & beautiful architecture,
then flickr is a good place to dig around.
look thru the eyes of these professional photographer,
as they capture moments along their hajj-journey.

aside the religious-spiritual-things,
even if you’re not a moslem…you will still admire these beautiful shots

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ufo, kansas, jodie foster

two days ago at the office, i chatted-away with a friend, topics after topics talked, then he asked:

“is it UFO a real thing or not? do you know any verses (from the Quran) mentioning about those things?”

quick answer from me “uhh…no, i don’t know any..”
then i asked him, “do you remember jodie foster in the the movie Contact ?”

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