15 minutes = Rp 25million


siapa bilang cari duit susah?

look at these guys,
only working for 14minutes and 32seconds, got paid a total cash prize of Rp 25million… nice! and it’s not even 8am yet!

He already gave us a perfect tools to have a wealthy life in this world

our legs, arms, brain, the whole body and soul, so what more can you ask?

so stop whining! get off the bed and start to move, just do it!

ain’t life a grand?

so what’s the prize for me?

..alhamdulillah… to be able to breath the 6am sunday-morning air of Jakarta, to run and hang out with beloved friends

…. that’s the precious price for me

see you in the next 5K ! (btw…rokok gua mana..? balikin woy!)



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3 responses to “15 minutes = Rp 25million

  1. aggi

    how come 5k in 15 min? maksudnya 5 kali muterin senayan…manteb juga ya

  2. atlit atletik nasional … ya iya la ya.. < 15min

  3. 5 menit sih kerjanya…
    biar menangnya yang malesss heiehiehe
    tapi bersyukurlah…setuju

    satu lagi tentang bersyukur:

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