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stand up, be the leading man!

Another one about :
HE made us to do things for a reason, in fact, for a very good reason.

In your working environment, often you hear people say:
“the management never give me a chance, so how can I be the leading man??
i guess, i will never be the leading man.. 😦 “

if you are one of those people, then pity you! (in terms of : “kasian deh lu!”)

better ask yourself, “why they did not give me the chance to be the leading man?”
the answer most likely are one of these : Continue reading


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michael jackson ringtones and your crucial presentation

one analogical-not-fantasy-situation

you are.. let’s say…
just a lower-level (disposable) managerial staff
you are in a middle of a very career-crucial presentation

in such presentation,
you can talk directly to the other upper level management and directors and they WILL listen to you

it is such a rare ocassion and very important (to you)
they can fire or give you a promotion after your presentation

in the middle of your presentation,
while one of the director asking you a question, then…

your favorite (loud & annoying) michael-jackson ringtone blast from your cellphone

be honest here…what would you do?

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khakis, blue, black and white

khakis, blue, black and white

a beautiful picture NOT BY ME, i just stumbled upon it on flickr
click the image to see the beautiful picture on flickr

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tawaf, eyes, ears, heart, mind & phil collins,

tawaf, dzulhijah 1427

tawaf, is a ritual walking around the Ka’bah seven times,
in a counter-clock-wise (ccw) direction

during thawaf, you pray the tawaf’s do’a
you walk, you move
you move, you walk
in a circle-like-ccw direction

why ccw? i’ll write about ccw in another post
basically, most of the natural thing in this universe is based on a circular (ccw) motion

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will you take the money?

here’s one analogical-fantasy-situation, imagine this:

you are already wealthy enough and very happy with your income,
bonuses and all other facilities from the company

but, every single day in your office, at lunch time,
there will be a stock pile of (let say) 10 dollar-bill in the pantry …
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al haram, google earth, 1000feet

al haram, google earth, 1000feet

click the image, or use your own Google Earth to zoom in more

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m.a.c (ewww….)


click the image, a mirror in a shop in old Jeddah….this instantly made me laugh

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