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stok surat abis (utilize your cell phone II)

ever felt like ‘stok surat abis’ when play the role as Imam ?  well i did, lol 🙂

just realize that i just only recite few of the same verse over-and-over-and-over-again through all the raka’at

feel bit weird (read: ashamed), that my little kid recite more fluent other verses than i am

let’s go back to square one, from Al Insan (man) to An Nas (mankind), recite by Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, the Imam of the Grand Mosque

ripped mp3, ID3 tagged properly (hopefully), small bitrate (128kbps),
small enough to fill your iPod or cellphone, here


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utilize your mobile phone

assalamualaikum  fellow jedi

been a while since the last post, so what to write in this good month?

maybe to share this nice application for you phone, the azan times for mobile phones

it’s a java based apps, if you own a Nokia (with the S60 engine) it will runs okay,
or see the full list of compatible phones here

it’s pretty accurate (if you set the parameters right). below showing the jakarta time:

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