a < x < b (between point A and B)


Finally I decided to write this down

By no means of being the righteous or anything, as only human, please correct me if i wrote something wrong

Long posting (read it carefully)

Few months back, I conducted a verbal survey with:

  • 20 correspondents
  • 19 are Moslem from birth, age all above 30, all have a steady income
  • 3 are not married yet, 4 female, 16 male
  • 2 already taken the journey

all are my friends, survey over a friendly verbal conversations.
I asked them one direct question:

  • When will you take the  journey (again)?”

18 of them quickly responded with these answers :

  • “when i’m ready, maybe..”
  • “i don’t know…”
  • “when i’m (spiritually) ready, maybe…”
  • “when i have enough money…maybe”
  • “maybe when i’m XX…” (stating a number of a certain age)
  • “maybe after i got married..”
  • “maybe in about xx years from now…” (stating a certain number of year)
  • “after my kid is xx years old..maybe” (stating a certain age)
  • and other similiar maybe-answers

in my opinion, YOU SHOULD AVOID AND OMIT that “maybe” kind of answers..

Why? I will answer with an in-direct approach. Read on.

First try to answer these (five) questions.
It’s not a trick questions, just answer it, as if we’re having a verbal conversation right now

Answer the questions below with an exact answer of “TIME”

  • Question 01 : When will you recite the Syahadah after this moment?
  • Question 02 : When will you do your next Shalat after this?
  • Question 03 : When will you do the your (next) Ramadhan fasting?
  • Question 04 : When will you pay your (next) Zakat Fitrah?

I am really sure, you can respond those questions quickly with an exact time as the answers

Am I right?

Your answers most likely will be like :

  • Answer 01: I will recite my next Syahadah, in my next sholat
  • Answer 02: I will do my next sholat, by this next sholat-time
  • Answer 03: I will do my next Ramadhan fasting, by this next Ramadhan
  • Answer 04: I will do my next zakat, by this next end of Ramadhan

So here’s the last one (the punch line question)

  • Question 05 : When will you take the (Hajj) journey?

And your answer is: … most likely you will halt with a hesitation before answering it

Look closely, those five questions are the “Five Pillars of Islam” (Rukun Islam in bahasa indonesia)

WHY is your answer (for the last question) is different from the previous four? Why it should be different?

Let say it’s 16.30 right now, you will answer with :

  • “i will do my next sholat magrib after the adzan, by 17.50”
  • “i will do my Ramadhan fasting by this 2007 ramadhan”

uh okay…

Then, (what if) by 17.49 your got called, your sister got an accident and now in critical condition in the ICU

or by one day before ramadhan you are in critical condition in the ICU

Be realistic and be honest here :

  • will you still do your shalat magrib at the exact time 17.50?
  • will you still fasting at the first day of Ramadhan?

NO. Big change that you will not.

If you answer yes, you such a naive-hypocrite person.

Now, back to the issue:

“Why is your answer (for the last question) is different from the previous four?”

Look closely this equation:

  • A ≤ x ≤ B
  • A = “…after the adzan, by 17.50” = your statement = your intention to do = your ni’at
  • B = 17.50 = planned execution time of your ni’at
  • x = ?

So… what is x ?

  • x = time and space between Point A and Point B
  • x = you might score a big luck within this period
  • x = or you can die within this period
  • x = is out of our control
  • x = ANYTHING can happen within this period

So, the next time somebody ask you…..”WHEN WILL YOU TAKE THE JOURNEY?”
just simply answer with confidence :

  • “(bismillahirahmanirahiim)..Insya Allah by THIS next Dzulhijjah!”

And Insya Allah,
all the creatures of heaven and earth will shouts answering your prayer with a big “Amennn..!!”

ain’t that nice ..

Have faith.

ANYTHING can happen between Point A (now, this second) and Point B (the next hajj-season, the next Dzulhijjah)

Have faith.

If you answer differently, then i said, you don’t have full faith to the basic Five Pillars

Have faith.

and … rock on..!

(flames/comments/verbal discussion/etc are very welcome)


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One response to “a < x < b (between point A and B)

  1. Uni

    Hei Il…
    sering-sering nulis dong, jadi gue bacain, hehe. Hebat nih ayahnya Syafi (btw, selamat ultah buat semua anggota keluarga ya.. dirapel : Sari-Juli 14, Syafi-Juni, Syifa-Agt)
    bye love.

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