good health to you, always…ameen

hard habit to break

sometimes we forgot to cherish the most precious things in life…health

old proverb says ‘health is everything…’

it went into our left ear and  straight out to the other end..whoosh..
without making a stop in our mind

rewind back a bit, there must be a time when you in these two situations:

  • situation one
    you were in a very uncomfortable-messy-environment (as messy as this jakarta flood, maybe) but for you…everything were good and okay! you felt like you can take the whole world down and do anything…bring it on..!!
  • situation two
    you were in a very comfortable environment (your own cozy bedroom or a 5 star hotel), but for you…everything were wrong. dead wrong. you could not enjoy anything, even you hate yourself

one thing played a very important role in above situation is : health


hard habit to break
so? why am i still inhaling this stick(s) of nicotine while writing this blog?

maybe… i forgot one essential thing, maybe because i never ask Allah Almighty

i forgot (or ignore) to include it in my every prayer, asking for His guidance to stop this nicotine-crave-habit (stupid me, stupid me, stupid me, astaghfirullahalazim..)

i remember a verse about “your pray and His answer”

quick googling (and yes, check-recheck with the real Quran),
the verse is from Al Mu’min : 60 …. “ud uunii astajib lakum”

And your Lord said “Invoke Me, I will respond to your (invocation). Verily, those who scorn My worship, they will surely enter Hell in humiliation!” (Al Mu’min:60)

or in bahasa Indonesia nya : (…uhmm…..baca sendiri ya..)

so we should have no doubt at all,
we should invoke (ask/pray) Him, for EVERYTHING,
even for things like “i want to quit smoking”

uh…. and yes… also get on your feet and exercise and also watch what you eat

i hope i will not forget to include it in my next prayer…

have a striving friday everyone…!


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