stand up, be the leading man!

Another one about :
HE made us to do things for a reason, in fact, for a very good reason.

In your working environment, often you hear people say:
“the management never give me a chance, so how can I be the leading man??
i guess, i will never be the leading man.. 😦 “

if you are one of those people, then pity you! (in terms of : “kasian deh lu!”)

better ask yourself, “why they did not give me the chance to be the leading man?”
the answer most likely are one of these :

  • they don’t see you, as the person that have capabilities to become a leader
  • you don’t show them, that you have the capabilities to be the leader

look in the mirror and be true to your self. which one is you?

old saying says “practice makes you perfect” or
something hyperbolic like learn the value of doing it 10.000 times, and you will never go wrong”

to become a leader, then you have to practice to become a leader, so people will see you as the person that have capabilities as a leader

so.. be a leader!
take the chance, if next time people ask you to be the-imam in shalatul-jama’ah
stand up! don’t you ever backed-down!!

try to be the-imam, it’s a BEST practice-ground to become a (good) leader

all the value to be a good-leader (in real life/office works) are the basic-requirement to be a good imam in shalatul-jama’ah, such as:

  • know all the correct S.O.P (standard operational procedure) by heart
  • give directions & talks with loud and clear voice,
    yet still maintain a proper manner tone of voice
  • always go forward in a consistent pace, never leave any people behind
  • keep awareness of the surrounding
  • ……

i leave the rest for you to figure yourself,
what is the direct analogical role of the-imam (in shalatul-jama’ah) in your daily life, to become a (good) leader?

it’s all there…all the values are already there, for thousands of years
what more can you deny? eh?

so let’s go practice, shall we?


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