tawaf, eyes, ears, heart, mind & phil collins,

tawaf, dzulhijah 1427

tawaf, is a ritual walking around the Ka’bah seven times,
in a counter-clock-wise (ccw) direction

during thawaf, you pray the tawaf’s do’a
you walk, you move
you move, you walk
in a circle-like-ccw direction

why ccw? i’ll write about ccw in another post
basically, most of the natural thing in this universe is based on a circular (ccw) motion

lessons picked during tawaf are:

  1. you have to move
  2. you have to move
  3. you have to move
    whatever you feel, do not stop
  4. you have to give (way) to others
  5. you have to give (way) to others
  6. you have to give (way) to others
    don’t fight your way thru
  7. use your (i) eyes, (ii) ears, (iii) mind and (iv) heart
  8. use your (i) eyes, (ii) ears, (iii) mind and (iv) heart
  9. use your (i) eyes, (ii) ears, (iii) mind and (iv) heart

if you stop (not moving) or if you stop using i/ii/iii/iv … even for a second
then you’re in trouble or at least got stumbled upon by somebody else

so don’t stop

if you got tired, then do it slowly,
but what ever you feel, don’t you ever got static or stop

as in real daily life, don’t stop, don’t you ever stop

if you :

  • stop using your brain,
    then you will be brain-dead, got by-passed by those greenhorns
  • stop sharing knowledge with others,
    you’re knowledge will not grow
  • stop giving,
    then you’ll stop receiving (try it for yourself)
  • stop listening to others,
    then others will stop listening to you
  • stop using your heart,
    what are thou then?

so next time, if you feel lazy in the morning (without any-real-solid-good reason)
and intentionally want to find a white-lie-excuse to avoid the office…
think again, better come to the office and do everything in slow-motion
at least you will not be in a static state

even phil collins said it in one of his song:

Phil Collins - No Jacket Required (1985)
“…you keep on walking so you don’t fall down, it’s the same old stories…”

i know, (basically) we already had-it-up-to-here hearing all about these things

but back there, all of those words was like IN-YOUR-FACE….Splat!!



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