will you take the money?

here’s one analogical-fantasy-situation, imagine this:

you are already wealthy enough and very happy with your income,
bonuses and all other facilities from the company

but, every single day in your office, at lunch time,
there will be a stock pile of (let say) 10 dollar-bill in the pantry …
all staff are eligible to take take one bill (per day) FOR FREE
there are no catch and obligation AT ALL from the company
you can take 10 bucks each day, your sallary will not be cutted down,
no additional job for you to do, no nothing….
just a plain-free-additional 10 bucks for you every day

NOW THE QUESTION: Will You Take The Money?
(i think) any sane person will take the money, i know i will

IMHO, that’s the way we should think about al-sunnah
let’s change the way we used to think about al-sunnah

& let’s not pass those opportunities given to us

i know, it’s hard to do all the sunnah

but at least, let’s give it a try, let’s pick one, shall we?
let’s pick the day-to-day ‘sunnah-shalah’ opportunities that we came across everyday

start your stopwatch, it (maybe) only takes about 7 additional minutes
to do a tahiyatul-masjid or tahiyatul-wudlu or dhuha or any other rawatib-shalah before/after themain-five




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2 responses to “will you take the money?

  1. what have you been dreaming my friend? is this one of those physics parallel universes?


  2. 🙂 the post wasn’t finished yet, when you stumbled upon it,
    and add the comment….anyway, thanks for dropping by..

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