we have to learn more about the jinn and devils (part I)

here’s another of my thought about one little thing, maybe you agree or maybe not,
it’s up to you
or maybe you already heard it from somewhere else, i don’t care.
i just write my thoughts here
this is my version of da’wah, in my own words and my own terms
please correct me if i was wrong

this is a slightly long posting, bear with me to read it line by line


as long as i remember (even through my islamic highschool), we don’t learn much about the jinn and devil

all that thought (to me) were:
they (the jinn and devils) are bad mojo,
they have to be avoided,
they have incredibly scary and ugly form like in the movie Hellraiser or Silent Hill and something like that

…(i believe) it’s all true

but here’s my additional opinion about the jinn and the devils :

“you have to know them, in fact you have to know them very well”

for some of you, let me put it this way….
even Michael Corleone in the movie The Godfather said:

“Keep your friend close…but keep your enemy closer!”

so who is the enemy? yes, you know it right by your heart…the devil is our enemy

they we’re granted by Allah to misguide us along the way, up untill the end of the world

don’t take my word for it,
read it by yourself, open the Qur’an, go to Al A’raf, read from the 14th to 17th verse

so why we have to know them?

it’s so obvious!

if you know your enemy,
know how they works,
know where they dwell (hang around),
know what is their indication of invasion (attack),
know which way they will go,
know what kind of shape they are….

wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared? so you can win the battle
am i right?

i remember in highschool,
a day before a basketball match, we went to see our opponents team in another game
so we can pin-point who is the most ‘dangerous’ player to take care, if we play againts them in the court the next day

so, let’s be prepared and learn more about the devils

one more thing:
if you think that the devils are always in a scary and ugly form or
they do not appear around you when you read the Qur’an or doing Shalat, then you are dead-wrong

but, let me write about it in another post


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