shalat, chinmi (kungfu boy) and your toe

HE made us to do things for a reason, in fact for a very good reason.

here’s another of my thought about one little thing, maybe you agree or maybe not,
it’s up to you
or maybe you already heard it from somewhere else, i don’t care.
i just write my thoughts here
this is my version of da’wah, in my own words and my own terms
please correct me if i was wrong


it’s about your toe, your right toe

if you are a practicionist in martial arts,
you must know the meaning of “getting power from the earth thru your toe”

if you’re a manga lovers,
you must remember chinmi (the kungfu boy) practicing his bone-crushing-kungfu by standing on a pole with one of his toe

if you don’t understand, just watch Fight Science in National Geographic Channel (here’s the schedule)

fight science - national geographic channeljiu jit su - fight science - nationl geographic channel

in one segment, it talked about “getting power from the earth through your toe”,
how a ninjutsu expert use their toes as a an antennae to detect something,
how a man can break a waist-height-concrete with his hands,
all using the power starting from their toe,
proven and explained with modern physiology-medical-mechanical science

here’s a narration from the show:

motion-capture shows that the punch starts not in the fists, but in the feet (toes)

realizing it or not, each time you do shalat the way our prophet Muhammad , Salla-Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam, doing it,
then you are exercising your toe (very hard) at least 17 times a day…

pay real attention to the way you have to perform seated between two sujud

and also examine your own inner right shoe sole

to prove how important your toe, try to injure your own right toe, bleed/slice your right toe with a cutter, then try to walk

it’s your toe, exercise it

end point:
it’s all there, as told thousands years ago, for a reason. a very good reason.
what more can you deny?



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2 responses to “shalat, chinmi (kungfu boy) and your toe

  1. hebaaattt…wak Haji pemikirannye udah nyambung2in segala macem pemikiran neeh…jadi segala macem ilmu..sebenernye kudu merunduk..tunduk sama yang memberi elmu terlebih dulu..gitu ya wak?Karena semua elmu pade dasarnye datengnye dari Allah SWT, ya wak?

    -Bu Jampang-
    Bininye Bang Jampang
    Premanita Pejompongan Kulon

  2. herru

    smua di muak bumi hanya punya satu pusat/titik, tergantung gimana mahamin ama jalanin, biar pun uda muter ngiter tetep akhir kembali ke titik itu juga hehehe… iya ga yaa..

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