think part 2

HE made us brains, to think

the kingdom of saudi arabia are implementating all modern engineering aspects possible,
to made the jamarat ritual (in meena) a safe journey.

the jamarat is considered a very tense ritual in Hajj journey,
because ALL will be performing a ritual of going into three points (there are 3 jamarat) within 3 days.

it’s true. people died during the jamarat. lots of people.
here’s a fact from an engineering website

imagine millions of people flowing and you’re in it
they use the technology of constructions, flow of human like in traffic engineering (ewwww..),
with models of fluids mechanics simulating millions of human flow, crowd dynamics (ewwww….),
there are also evacuation zone/way, emergency/fire safe zone etc

all to manage the flow of millions of people at jamarat without changing the aqidah of the ritual.

a headline in the arab news (a national newspaper), 2 days after the arafah day
(arafah day is 9 dzulhijah/29 dec) wrote : “incident-free jamarat”

you throw 7 pebbles towards the jamarat
and each time you recites (for short) “Bismillahi Allahuakbar…”

at the jamarat aqobah (first day throwing the jamarat),
i remember, i can only recites it 2 times, the rest is caught in my throat, then i saw the jamarat blurred by tears

don’t ask me why

so i just smiled, thanking God, continued to throw the pebbles and recited ‘Bismilllahi Allahuakbar…’ silently in my heart for the rest of the jamarat…

and it was happened again in the second day & third day of the jamarat

thank you God for letting me to have that kind of feeling. it felt nice. very nice.
thank you God for giving us a safe Hajj journey.


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